Bush Bombs

George W. Bush, apparently trying to talk about Ukraine, misspoke and talked about the brutal and unjustified war against Iraq. Former President George W. Bush mistakenly condemned the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq” while giving anti-Russia remarks Wednesday, accidentally delivering one of America’s most memorable “Freudian confessions” in generations and sparking incredulity among tens of millions of viewers worldwide. Bush immediately tried to laugh off the so-called gaffe, chuckling while saying “I mean, of Ukraine,” before shrugging his shoulders and mumbling, “well, Iraq too…” Judging by the amused reaction, the attendees who’d gathered to hear Bush speak at his presidential library in Dallas, Texas seemed to appreciate his ‘joke.’ But for the millions killed, injured, and displaced by the illegal war of aggression against Iraq waged by the Bush administration, it’s no laughing matter.


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