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Iran Ready to Assist Afghan Girls, Women in Receiving Higher Education

In this file photo taken on October 13, 2022, Afghan female students take an entrance exam at Kabul University in Kabul.MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Iranian authorities expressed their readiness to assist Afghan girls and women in receiving university degree after the Taliban (under UN sanctions for terrorism) banned it in Afghanistan, Iranian Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Ensiye Khazali said on Sunday. On Tuesday, the Afghan Education Ministry within the Taliban* government ordered the suspension of girls’ education in private and public higher education institutions. The ban has been harshly criticized by international organizations and global leaders. “At the meeting that we held on the sidelines of the last gathering of the women’s committee, its chief thanked and highly appreciated the support provided by the Iranian government to female Afghan refugees. The Islamic Republic [Iran] is ready to promote the education of Afghan women at different stages of university education,” Khazali tweeted. On Saturday, Afghan media reported that the Taliban government ordered all local and international non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan to suspend the work of their female employees until further notice. The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in August 2021 and has so far failed to remedy the deepening economic, humanitarian and security crises in the country. The Taliban government is not inclusive of women or people not affiliated with the Islamist movement. Afghan women have organized several protests in some cities, calling for their rights to be respected.*The Taliban is an organization under UN sanctions for terrorism


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