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North Korea Expresses Regret Over UN Chief’s Condemnation of Its Missile Launches

A man watches a television screen showing a news broadcast with file footage of a North Korean missile test, at a railway station in Seoul on November 3, 2022SEOUL (Sputnik) – North Korea’s Foreign Ministry expressed deep regret over the fact that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemned Pyongyang’s missile launches and called on North Korea to stop them.Guterres on November 4 condemned North Korea’s launches of intercontinental ballistic and other missiles. He urged the DPRK to stop them.”I express my deep regret over the publication on November 4 of the so-called statement by the UN Secretary-General, which groundlessly found fault with the DPRK’s just self-defensive response measures to US military provocations, and I fully reject it,” according to a statement by North Korea’s deputy foreign minister for international organizations’ affairs.North Korea has conducted 30 missile test launches since the start of the year. The country says its military activity is a response to South Korea’s “provocations.”Earlier, Japanese media reported that the US government is drafting a resolution for the UN Security Council to increase sanctions pressure on North Korea, and is also considering deploying an aircraft carrier in the Sea of ​​Japan should North Korea conduct a nuclear test.


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