Drone Attack on Kremlin Puts Ukraine Among Countries Sponsoring Terrorism – Moscow

A “No Drone Zone” sign sits just off the Kremlin in central Moscow as it prohibits unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) flying over the area, on May 3, 2023.InternationalIndiaAfricaBELGRADE (Sputnik) – The drone attack on the Kremlin in early May was an attempted terrorist act, thereby Ukraine has put itself among states sponsors of terrorism, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “We really saw that an attempt was made to attack the Moscow Kremlin with two drones. The residence of the President of the Russian Federation is here, and we can actually consider this attack as an attempted terrorist attack on the head of the Russian state. This is very alarming and unacceptable,” Peskov said in an interview with the ATV channel from Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We believe that in this way Ukraine actually placed itself among states-sponsors of terrorism, not even in the legal sense, but in fact,” he said.Earlier, the Kremlin said that on May 3, Ukraine attempted to strike the Kremlin residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin with two drones, but they were disabled. There were no casualties or damage. Peskov later told Sputnik that Putin was not in the Kremlin at that moment. Russia’s Investigative Committee initiated a case over a terrorist attack “in connection with an attempt by the Kiev regime to strike” the Kremlin with drones.WorldLavrov: Ukraine’s Denial of Kremlin Drone Attack Does Not Deserve to Be Believed5 May, 08:06 GMT

On NATO’s Involvement in Ukraine Conflict

NATO is directly involved in the armed conflict in Ukraine on the side of Kiev, Peskov said.”It was hard to imagine that NATO members, the United States, European countries, will first indirectly, and then directly get involved in this conflict. NATO is now an actual participant in this conflict, on the side of Ukraine. And you yourself know about the large supply of weapons, ammunition, military materials, financial resources… first ordinary missiles, then more powerful ones, with a longer range,” Peskov said in an interview with the ATV channel from Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.Russia earlier sent a note to NATO because of arms supply to Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said any cargo that contains weapons for Ukraine will become a legitimate target for Russia.According to Peskov, Russia has been studying Western-made weapons that Ukraine uses during the armed conflict.”As for weapons, they have good weapons in the West. There are bad ones, there are ones that do not meet those conditions, there are very dangerous weapons, there are high-tech ones. So we are studying all this during the special military operation,” Peskov said.

He said it is very difficult to compare the military potential of Russia and Ukraine.

“Why are the Russians moving so slowly? Because Russia is not waging a war, we are not waging a war. Waging a war is a completely different thing, it is the complete destruction of infrastructure, cities and so on. We do not do this. We work to save infrastructure and try to save people's lives," Peskov said.

The tasks of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, primarily to ensure the security of Donbass residents, have been partially fulfilled, Kremlin spokesman said.

“At the very beginning, back on February 24 last year, Russian President [Vladimir Putin] said the security of the people living in Donbass should be ensured first of all. The people who had been living under the shells of their own state for eight long years. Under shelling that the West decided not to notice,” Peskov said.Russia’s Special Operation in UkraineUkrainian Intel Chief’s ‘Killing Russians’ Comment Proves Kiev Organizes Terror Attacks – Kremlin8 May, 09:57 GMT

"Partially we managed to complete this task, and partially we are still far from its full completion. You see that shelling with ammunition with depleted uranium, shelling of Donetsk and other cities continues. Therefore, we must push the enemy back to a sufficient distance. Therefore, the operation will continue," he said.

Earlier, UK Minister of State for the armed forces James Heappey said the country sent Kiev thousands of shells for the donated Challenger 2 main battle tanks, including those with depleted uranium. Peskov, commenting on the transfer of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, said London will have to bear responsibility for the consequences.MilitaryUse of Depleted Uranium in Ukraine Could Spark Global Health Crisis: Here’s Why28 March, 13:00 GMT

‘Too Strong to Give Up’

A series of Western mistakes forced Russia to launch a special military operation in Ukraine, Peskov explained.

"It's hard to say what the future will be like. Now all events are happening so fast, we are limited in our ability to make forecasts, whether it is about the economy or politics… Western countries have done many bad things and made many mistakes, and thereby forced Russia to start its special operation," Peskov told the ATV channel.

“Western countries deceived us after the collapse of the USSR, they also organized six waves of NATO expansion,” he added.

Peskov said this was not only the expansion of NATO, but also the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure toward the Russian borders.

"This system of mistakes led to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin deciding to launch the operation. Russia is too big a state to be treated like that and Russia is too strong a country to give up," he concluded.


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