Scholar on Trump’s Sentence: Democrats Wage ‘Lawfare’ Against Conservatives

Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC 2023, Saturday, March 4, 2023, at National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Md.InternationalIndiaAfricaVoicing his thoughts about the recent developments in legal cases against ex-POTUS Donald Trump, US political analyst Dr. Nicholas Waddy noted that the law can be a powerful tool, and the “lawfare” the US Democrats allegedly employ against the conservatives may become a “democracy-ending weapon.”A New York City jury found former US President Donald Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation this week in a civil case brought against him by E. Jean Carroll, an author who also accused the ex-POTUS of raping her.Commenting on this development, political analyst Dr. Nicholas Waddy told Sputnik that Democrats in the United States are currently pursuing what he described as a “comprehensive strategy of ‘lawfare’ against conservatives.”Waddy, an associate professor of history at SUNY Alfred who openly declares himself a Trump supporter, argued that, rather than just try to jail Trump and other “effective, outspoken conservatives and dissidents,” the US Democrats pursue a different goal.Through a series of legal cases, such as those brought against Trump, they seek to “create a narrative surrounding the 2024 election that will demonize Donald Trump and Republicans, and distract the American people from the record of failure of the Biden administration,” the analyst alleged.”Democrats desperately want 2024 to be yet another referendum on Trump himself, and they may get their wish,” he added.Waddy also postulated that none of the cases brought against Trump got a chance to “dent” the popularity of either the ex-president or his movement, but “constant legal harassment, and blanket media coverage of these sensational developments, can and will distract the American people from more serious issues.”He noted that if the Democrats manage to “neutralize Trump” – by putting him behind bars as “leftist prosecutors” allegedly may do – they would then have to contend with another popular Republican: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”Luckily, they have a solution to that problem too: Disney’s lawsuit against DeSantis, and a wave of other legal claims which, no doubt, are being held in readiness to destroy anyone and everyone who dares to oppose or criticize our ruling elite,” Waddy mused. “The law is a powerful tool, and anyone who takes lightly this latest outrage from the Left is dangerously naive, in my opinion. ’Lawfare’ is, or can be, a democracy-ending weapon.”


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