Musk Slams WhatsApp, Claims It ‘Cannot Be Trusted’

WhatsAppInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Internet previously dubbed as the “global village” by media theorists is seemingly becoming a sort of digital panopticon with Western governments and corporate behemoths closely watching users.US tech tycoon Elon Musk laced into WhatsApp, saying it “cannot be trusted” in the wake of allegations that the Zuckerberg-controlled app spies on users using a mic.

"WhatsApp cannot be trusted," said Musk, commenting on a thread where it was said that the app is accessing microphones on the user’s gadget while they are sleeping. There was a screenshot attached to thread where user showed how WhatsApp switched on the mic nine times at night in less than 3 hours.

© Photo : Foad DabiriWhatsApp Spying on UsersWhatsApp Spying on UsersSome users stress that the bug can be easily fixed by pressing the Restart button.WhatsApp’s representatives addressed the issue via their Twitter account and alleged that the mic turns on due to a “bug on Android.” In other words, they blamed Google and cited glitches in its Privacy Dashboard, while repeating their corporate mantra about end-to-end encryption and 100% safe communications that even Zuckerberg himself can’t hear them.WorldIt’s ‘Crazy’ to Think Pegasus Developer Isn’t Sharing Sensitive Info With Israel, US Official Claims21 July 2021, 06:06 GMTThis is not the first time Musk castigated his nemesis, Mark Zuckerberg, who created the social network Facebook* and owns WhatsApp. A few weeks ago, the Tesla CEO accused Zuckerberg of covertly financing the Democrats via the so-called “Zuckerbucks” initiative, by illicitly pouring in funds to manipulate the elections. Even before that, Musk used to say that his rival has a “limited” understanding of AI.* Meta and Facebook are banned in Russia over extremist activities.


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